Top 6 reasons why he texts you every day

One of the most intense stages when we are at the beginning of a new relationship or when we return to an old love is the one in which the daily messages and calls seem to have no end. Why do you text me every day?

1. He obviously likes you!

Pretty obvious, right?… You have this guy at your feet! Not only is he crazy about you, but he does not know how to channel all that feeling, since a daily message can seem to many an exaggeration or, on the contrary, an insufficient action.

In this case, the best thing you can do is wait for the next message and respond with a proposal. It can be as clear as proposing a formal date or taking a more relaxed approach and simply asking him to the movies.

2. He wants you to know him better because he loves you as his partner

It also falls into the “likes you” category, but this one has a slightly more calculated motive. A debate is raging in this guy’s mind: should I ask her to be my girlfriend, ask her out, or should I wait for a sign from her?

This boy is worried about not knowing if you will reject him. It’s an understandable fear and you may even be responsible for it. Maybe you are not very affectionate or you show some disinterest in him and those signs tell him that it is not yet time to move to the next level.

If you want to encourage him to go to that level, you can be more interested in answering his messages or sending one of your own initiatives.

3. You are a priority in his life and he is madly in love with you

This depends a lot on the relationship you already have. How much trust do you have in each other? How often do you see each other in person? How long has he not stopped texting you?

If it is an attitude that has continuity in the time they have known each other, it is evident that you have become one of their daily thoughts. You are a priority in his life and he gives you all this attention because he does not stop thinking about you.

4. He may not have anything better to do with your time.

Simple enough and very demotivating if you like this guy a lot, but maybe he’s just a boring guy with too much extra time.

You can identify if this is the reason he is texting you by a couple of signals:

– He stops sending you messages when he has something better to do.

– Your messages are vague and do not reflect a genuine interest in knowing more about you.

5. It can be a passing attitude

To answer the question “why do you text me every day?” We must first define “every day.” Exactly how long has he been “texting you” on a daily basis? Perhaps this romantic gesture is just the product of a fleeting attraction or boredom.

If it has only been a couple of days since this attitude began, it is recommended that you wait a bit to find out how many days the interest continues. If it’s something that doesn’t last long, this is probably the case.

6. He may think that if he sends you more messages, the easier he gets what he wants

Many men (and women) have the idea that “texting” another person for a few days can cause them to fall faster on the “net.”

If so, it is definitely a passing interest that they want to satisfy at your expense. Perhaps he is interested in a short and intense relationship and since he did not perceive that you were looking for the same, now he tries to convince you with another strategy.

You can easily identify this situation with the content of their messages. If he’s constantly making unseemly proposals or flattering you over the top, maybe he’s just looking for a quick pickup.