Top 6 Signs She Likes You

You’ve met this attractive woman, you’re maybe a little in love, and now you’re asking yourself the agonizing question,  “Does she really like me? Or are we just friends? 

The uncertainty will soon be over! Because in this article I’m going to tell you the 6 surest signs that you can tell that she likes you.

“How do I know if she likes me?”

The world of women at that time was like a book with seven seals.

Just friendship?

Why did I want to know exactly what my beloved thought and felt about me? Well, there were 4 simple reasons:

  • 1.  First, I needed to find out if it was more than just friendship for the woman and if it made any sense to try to make advances. I asked myself, “Do I have even a small chance to ignite the spark of love in her and make her my friend?”
  • 2.  My biggest fear at the time was missing the opportunity to win her over – if she likes me. I already knew: if I sit around too long and don’t try anything, she might lose interest again. So I had to forge the proverbial iron while it was hot.
  • 3.  On the other hand, I was afraid to risk a dump if I got too mad at you and she wasn’t ready yet. I wanted to know the perfect moment when I could touch and kiss her on a date without getting an outright rejection (possibly a slap in the face).
  • 4.  And finally, I wanted to clarify if I could ask for her cell phone number and then invite her on a date via WhatsApp WITHOUT embarrassing myself to the bone!

Does she like me? Recognize the signs like a man…

Today I know how to tell by talking if a woman likes me. There are hidden signals she sends out when flirting that need to be acknowledged. Unfortunately, most men don’t have an eye for this.

You should also watch out for these subtle flirting signs if you want to know where you stand with her.

Remember:  in very few cases, the girl will openly and directly say at the meeting that she likes you. A question like  “What is between us?”  It doesn’t go down well either.

Women simply expect us men to acknowledge their inconspicuous gestures with the fence post and then go on the offensive to win them over as friends.

This is the classic distribution of roles in flirting, which has not changed since the Neanderthal era until today.

Top 6 Signs She Likes You!

It seems difficult? No one said flirting and dating are easy for us men…

But don’t worry my brave warrior: below I’ll tell you what are the signs that you can tell that she is interested in a relationship.

When talking to the woman, be as attentive as a lynx and note exactly what signs you can recognize in her.

By the way: the more telltale signs you notice about her, the more likely she is to like you.

From a number of at least 3 clear signs of flirting, your chances are already quite high – in this case, you can start your offensive charm like a man without a very high basket risk!

1. Does she like me? Interpreting body language correctly!

As per the old adage  “The body never lies”, the first thing you should pay attention to is a woman’s body language. This gives you the most reliable information about whether she really likes you.

The 15 most important signs of female body language on a date are:

  • 1. She runs her fingers nervously through her hair.
  • 2. Your posture is open (eg no arms crossed).
  • 3. Head tilted so the neck is exposed.
  • 4. She smiles a lot during conversation and often laughs for no apparent reason at even your worst jokes.
  • 5. Your body is facing you (upper body, but also, for example, your fingertips).
  • 6. Intense and prolonged eye contact or looking away intimidated, dilated pupils.
  • 7. She licks her lips with her tongue.
  • 8. Legs crossed standing.
  • 9. Nervously fiddles with own clothes or objects (for example, a napkin in a restaurant).
  • 10. She touches you “purely by chance” (eg, brushes your shoulder or removes lint from your clothes).
  • 11. Triangular gaze (her gaze wanders back and forth between her eyes and her mouth).
  • 12. Your body language unconsciously adapts to your posture and movement (signs of harmony and confidence).
  • 13. She approaches you while sitting down or stands right in front of you.
  • 14. In general, she is constantly looking for you to be around, in situations such as: in the schoolyard/campus, at club parties, at lunchtime at work, etc.
  • 15. She listens very attentively to you in a conversation for a long time, without being distracted by her cell phone or other things.

If you can see these kinds of signs in her body language, you can be pretty sure she likes you or is already in love with you. But of course, other signs are also of great importance…

2. She is dressed for you

I still remember meeting my “best friend” back then. As soon as an interesting man and a lover announced a visit, she quickly grabbed her makeup case and started painting her face…

… while as a “good friend” I only saw her without makeup and in sweats when we met to study math.

Logical: if the girl is into you and wants to flirt, she will try to please you from the point of view of her appearance. Because women know exactly how much we men like optical stimuli.

Therefore, pay attention to whether she is dressed especially for the date: flirty clothes, heavy makeup, high heels, and similar beauties can be a sure sign that she likes you!

3. She asks a lot of questions as you get to know each other

Girls are often more cautious when dating and let the man take the lead – in communication in general and flirting especially.

But if the lady asks you a lot of questions on the date, even interrupts you while talking, and wants to know more about you, this is a strong sign of particular interest.

And the more personal and in-depth the questions in your little “interrogation” are, the more confidently you can say whether the woman likes you and wants to be your faithful friend.

4. Test if you are the right man for her

The female gender craves a strong partner… What is needed are men who have personalities solid enough to protect their loved ones. It’s that strong shoulder to lean on that every woman wants.

If she likes you, she’ll give you a little test to see if you really are the tough guy you portray yourself to be… or if you’re just wearing a cheap “superhero mask” to impress her.

Such tests as signs for you can be very diverse, for example:

1.  Sudden leading questions in conversation to get yourself psychologically stressed:

  • “Are you trying to get all the women involved with this?”
  • “Do you still date other girls or am I the only one?”
  • “Why do you look so in love?”
  • “Look at that one upstairs in that dress, do you think she’s prettier than me?”
  • “You are such a small player, aren’t you? Are you trying to win me over here?

2.  Constant/exaggerated requests for a favor to find out if you are being bossed around like a man and being taken advantage of.

3.  Bring other men into the game when flirting to test yourself for jealousy.

4.  Arriving late on the date to see how much you can do for yourself.

Therefore, do not see these tests as negative, on the contrary, as signs that you have aroused her female interest in a relationship!

5. She compliments you on getting to know each other

We men often have a habit of firing when it comes to flirting with compliments. Some guys even move right…

Women also compliment when talking to you to understand that they like you – but in a much more subtle way than us guys.

For example, do you tell her at the meeting how much you love playing the guitar or surfing in Hawaii?

If she hesitates to respond with something like, “I think that’s good for men!”, You can take this as a compliment. Now you know that she finds you interesting and that you should win her over.

6. Does she like me? Understand WhatsApp signals

Text communication is a tough business because important signals like gestures, facial expressions, and tone of voice are missing. But even when writing on WhatsApp you can tell exactly if she likes you or not.

The 9 surest signs of interest are:

  • 1. She responds to your messages quickly.
  • 2. There are detailed texts of it.
  • 3. She uses smileys, hearts, and other positive emojis.
  • 4. She asks you a lot of questions on WhatsApp.
  • 5. She agrees to your date proposals without cheap excuses or hesitation.
  • 6. They get messages from her even at impossible times of the day (eg 2 am).
  • 7. She compliments you on social media.
  • 8. To impress you and share her life, she sends you pictures…
  • 9.… including photos, for example in an attractive dress or on the beach.

If you notice these signs while flirting on social media, then you know that she likes you or is even in love with you. So you shouldn’t chat like your best pen pal but finally, make a date with her to get to know her!

What if no hints of flirting come from her…?

If you do not notice any of the above signs during communication, this does not necessarily mean that the woman does not like you (unless your signs are clearly negative!).

It doesn’t necessarily mean that you, as a man, have balls in your eyes or ears and that you haven’t noticed that they’re interested.

The truth is, shy women in particular tend to give little to no signals when they’re flirting and flirting, but rather withdraw from us men.

Start the test to see if she likes you!

In that case, don’t get discouraged and give up. Instead, you can do a little “body language test” to find out if the girl is interested in you or just considers you to be good friends.

This means that you need to get a definite reaction from her, starting to send clear signals about the date yourself.

The simplest solution: start touching the woman during the conversation and watch how she reacts to this flirting offensive.

See how your touch is received

If you can tell from her body language that she is NOT holding back and that she even likes your advances, that’s a strong sign that she likes you.

In that case, you can go ahead and try to win her over – all the way to a relationship!