We may never be ready for love

Relationships: We may never be ready for love, but we should try anyway

I think we’re never really ready for love someday.

No one is really ready to sacrifice their freedom or time, and no one is really ready for the challenges that come with getting to know another person: arguments, sacrifices, obstacles, and adjusting to habits. of someone else or the acceptance of their differences.

It’s not easy for anyone actually, and no one is completely ready when it comes to giving up parts of their life for someone else.

Everyone just wants the attention, the butterflies, the passion, and the hot kisses, but no one wants the compromises, the fights, and all the effort it takes in a relationship to make it work.

It is for this reason that people prefer casual dating because they don’t have to promise anything, they don’t have to feel something so deep, and when you don’t feel anything, you don’t get hurt.

But even if we’re not ready for love, I think we all also have a part of us that feels like talking to someone at night, someone who can understand us when we barely understand each other, someone to brighten up our bad days.

Someone to count on when things go wrong and someone we can trust to tell all our secrets. We all need someone who knows how to calm the storms in our hearts and shelter us from the world and the noise of our own thoughts.

So we can say for sure that everyone wants to love, even if no one is really prepared for it.

We can say for sure that even though our world is falling apart, some people are worth it. They make us want to try. They make us want to be ready.

Because the truth is, we’re all afraid of falling in love and hurting each other, we’re all afraid of losing someone we love, we’re all afraid of breaking someone’s heart trying to mend our own.

But if we keep looking for all the reasons why love can be scary or why we are not ready, we will keep our hearts in a cage forever. If we keep putting up walls and building barriers, we’ll end up alone.

And the pain of love is a thousand times better than the pain of loneliness.

So maybe we’ll never be ready for love, but that should never stop us from giving someone a chance, opening our hearts to them, and just letting ourselves down in the hope that there is. will finally have someone who is strong enough to catch us.