What do women like in men? Discover what really matters!

Clear case: we men are born hunters and we have to constantly consider how we can win a lady’s heart. But many times our attempts at flirting fail miserably even if we do our best. If the beloved takes the unattractive macho, we are completely confused. We feverishly ask ourselves: What do women really like?

Is it money and fast cars? Big muscles and good looks? Arrogant bad boy and macho behavior? Or something completely different?

I recognize that it is not an easy question, but in this article, I want to look for answers with you. In a few minutes, you will know what kind of man women really want.

What do women like in men? My experience with girls as a nice guy

Back in my high school days, I was the classic nice guy you know from bad Hollywood comedies. There was a reason for this: I had learned from parents, grandparents, and teachers that girls only fall in love with good men – that is, good boys who are always generous, courteous, and helpful.

So I gave women flowers, gave them drinks, and wrote love letters with a fountain pen, which were probably suspects of the Nobel Prize in Literature. I listened to their concerns and problems and, in parallel, I fixed their computers and helped transport the boxes with the move.

Did I have the recipe for success in my hands?

No! All the romantic confessions of love, all the gifts, and the efforts to help did not get me one step further. In a few hours of desperation, I thought, why don’t women just get on top of me? What am I doing wrong? These questions didn’t leave me alone. At the same time, I had to take care of the girls who didn’t stand a chance of going out with the biggest machos. A desperate situation.

From this I could only draw one conclusion: women want bad, macho boys! The comments of my equally unsuccessful friends seemed to confirm this impression. But is it really true that villains are the perfect seducers?

The big question: Do women like machos, and bad boys?

Not just me, but most men these days find the idea that bad macho guys succeed with women unbearable. While you do everything for the woman alone, she goes out with the guy who treats her the worst. So we think we know: women love bad boys!

But are these women really masochists?

No, it’s not that simple. Males have some unpleasant traits that their partners find repulsive as well. Women often painfully accept these edges to stay with men anyway. Because? Simply put: Because boys also possess some positive qualities that are well received by women… and which are infinitely important in the area of ​​love and relationships for women!

Just so we understand each other well: of course, you shouldn’t turn into a male. But it doesn’t hurt to copy the positive traits of these guys and integrate them into your own personality.

What do women like in men? Top 7 tips on what to look for

Machos and idiots are therefore not particularly popular – rather the lesser evil compared to pleasant boredom.

Now you surely want to know what women find really attractive. What kind of men are in demand these days? Forget all the fairy tales that movies, magazines, feminists, and other Hollywood “experts” tell about love! Something like that just confuses you… In my article, I have summarized the best tips on crucial topics. In it, you will discover all the secrets of what is important for successful men.

1. Do women like six-pack muscles and abs?

From a purely biological point of view, women are literally the “weaker gender”. To survive, the Stone Age lady had to enter into a relationship with a strong male who could offer her the necessary protection against hostile conspecifics and saber-toothed tigers. This genetic “code” is still anchored in females today, which is why girls today choose strong guys.

Now comes the big BUT:

I’m talking about “strength”, not necessarily “being strong”! What do I mean by this? Well, unlike our ancestors, strength can mean a lot today. This can be height and muscles, but the deciding factor is inner strength with intelligence, self-confidence, and assertiveness. It is important that you offer the woman enough security and protection – then she will be attracted to you.

If you want to build muscle, that’s fine. However, I recommend that you work on your mental strength with positive masculine qualities instead of just tormenting your body in physical training!

2. Do women like money, cars, and status symbols?

Another myth that persists is… Women are looking for men with money, big cars, and a dream house on the beach! These material comforts can be very attractive to some women. But it can happen very quickly that you end up being their sugar daddy. Let’s be honest: do you want to live with a woman who is with you not for love, but just for the money?

Besides, all riches are useless to you if there’s no compelling personality beneath the Italian designer’s R$9,000 bespoke suit.

3. What hairstyle/beard do women like?

The exact appearance of your hairstyle or beard is not important at all. Only two things are decisive: whether it suits your type visually and whether it looks well-groomed. This means a clearly recognizable cut instead of undefined wild growth, no unfavorably bulging bald spots with thinning hair. If you are not sure about your hairstyle, I recommend that you seek advice from an expert hairdresser or ask a good friend for advice.

Of course, it also depends on which woman you want to get. Girls in the goth and metal scenes naturally like men with long hair. The look is less popular with business and law students; trendy short hairstyles are most in demand here. So there’s nothing wrong with aligning your optics with your target group.

Also take a look at current movies/series or fashion magazines and pay attention to the guys’ hair there. Then you know very well what is in fashion right now.

4. Adventurous men with hobbies instead of Facebook addicts!

Couch otters are less in demand… Women want a partner who is enterprising and who pursues their hobbies rather than sitting in front of the TV all day or surfing the internet or Facebook.

Therefore, if you are traveling a lot (including travel) and can tell exciting stories on a variety of topics on a date, it immediately seems more interesting. Another advantage: you have less time for the lady, and you are not always available to her. And those that are scarce are also more sought after because we humans always want the more we can’t have!

It sounds paradoxical, but it’s true.

5. Men with goals, values, ​​and their own opinions

Girls hate boys who wander aimlessly through life – without clear values, goals, and opinions! So don’t be a pesky fish that wanders “somewhere” indiscriminately with the current.

Find the personal mission that you seek in life. Take a clear stand on various topics and express your honest opinion, even if it offends you. Women don’t want a flag in the wind, they want rocks in the surf!

This also includes setting clear boundaries for the woman, if necessary, contradicting her, and rejecting desires that you cannot or do not want to fulfill. Many Don Juans were of the opinion that “No” is a too seductive word. You really have to let this melt in your mouth.

6. Show humor and make the woman laugh

Many men feel they need to appear cold and aloof by lounging in the corner, scowling, and making monosyllabic comments. Where did that come from? I think that’s down to a lot of action movies… Aren’t it just those icy action heroes like Bruce Willis who end up in with the most attractive girls?

I have to pull that tooth out of you too. In my experience, women like men with a sense of humor, this is extremely important in flirting! The reason is also obvious: everyone wants to have a good time – and when someone makes us laugh, we feel at home in their presence. This also applies to female representatives.

So give her those big feelings…but still use the right amount of humor and don’t be silly so you don’t make yourself a clown.

7. Take the lead – she wants to get carried away!

Girls love being able to drift in the presence of a man. But that only works if he takes charge and has the situation firmly under control. Women like strong leaders who make clear decisions and show them where to go. Of course, not in a way that puts the woman down… but rather as a positive inspiration for the benefit of both of you.

What does that mean in concrete terms? An example: you are together in a strange city and don’t know how to spend the afternoon. Don’t ask, “What do you feel like doing” or “What should we do now?” Women don’t like it so much indecision. Just say, “Hey, I have a brilliant idea!” So you take her hand and take her to a restaurant, museum, etc. where you are having a great time.