What does a man think when a woman stops looking for him?

Perhaps you feel attracted to a boy, who has not shown much interest in you.

That is why you have decided to try it and have stopped looking for it, to see how it reacts.

Maybe you were in a relationship a while ago and he doesn’t show the commitment he used to have with you, so you distanced yourself.

It may also happen that you have not yet made the decision to move away, because you still do not know if this can negatively affect your relationship.

Either way, what you want to know is what a man thinks when a woman stops looking for him.

This way you will know if this can work the way you want.

That is why, below, I will tell you the different thoughts that a man can have when you ignore him and if this can work for you.

6 thoughts that a man can have when you walk away from him

1) He thinks he can lose you

If you already have a relationship with this guy and he feels that you stop looking for him, he may fear losing you.

Then, as a consequence of this fear, he starts to get close to you.

Perhaps, previously, you have always been available or accessible for any situation. Besides, it didn’t require too much effort on his part for you to always be around.

Then he has realized that he has had a passive role in their relationship and had finally decided to take the initiative.

2) He can get angry

When a man feels inattentive, he can get angry. If the level of anger is high, then he can be overwhelmed by this feeling and end up moving away from you permanently.

Similarly, if you walk away peacefully, it is not okay for him to get angry in an exacerbated way.

Perhaps you have previous traumas where lack of interest causes strong feelings. If you’re suspicious of this and you’re interested in him, you can approach him and gently ask him about it.

If he is predisposed to talk and tells you the reasons for his anger, you can talk to him to improve your situation.

It would also be good if you explain why you have left. Maybe you feel that he takes a very inactive position in front of you, maybe something, in particular, bothers you or you just want him to show you that he cares.

Whatever the reason, tell him. If two people don’t communicate, they can’t solve anything.

3) You damage his self-esteem

This is probably not your intention, but if you stop being around him, you can hurt his feelings.

When he notices that you are no longer around him as you used to be, he may think that he is not important to you. He begins to feel that he is not special and therefore his self-esteem will be affected.

Perhaps, contrary to what you were looking for, he begins to feel shyer and begins to withdraw into himself. Introversion begins to predominate in him and this can be very difficult to reverse later.

It is important that you analyze well the personality of a boy you want to get away from, before taking action. Perhaps he is already a person with a lack of confidence and initiative. Stopping looking for him can end up ending the relationship.

4) He thinks that you no longer have an interest in him

Stopping looking for a man can make him think that you no longer want to be with him in a definitive way.

He may think that your love for him is over and at the end of this, he will not do anything about it. You may even think that if it’s all over, it’s time to move on with your life.

If this is so, you might be surprised to see him with another woman, when you have been away from him for a while. His intention is not necessarily to want to make you jealous. He simply decided to take a new path and interact with other people.

So think hard about whether you’re willing to risk it all by walking away. It is also important that you take into account the time that you are going to stop looking for it. If it spreads too far, you can lose it forever.

5) Has an indifferent reaction to the situation

If you stop looking for a man, your intention is probably to achieve what I mentioned in the previous point. I mean him taking action in your relationship. But you must be careful with this movement because it can cause the opposite effect.

What I mean is, you can incite their indifference.

To try to avoid this reaction on his part, you must have cultivated a meaningful relationship with him before. In addition, you must be as neutral as possible, when it comes to taking distance, so as not to arouse negative feelings in him. Remember that you just want to get his attention.

Now, if your behavior ends up being indifferent, this can be due to two reasons. One is that he begins to ignore you because he feels that you have not valued him enough and that is why you have distanced yourself. He feels that you have rejected him and he has been offended by it, so he has decided to eliminate your existence from his life.

The other reason is that he is truly indifferent to your lack of approach because he really has no real interest in you. Perhaps you did not expect this on his part, but it helps you to realize the reality of your situation in front of him.

6) Feel relief

Many men are afraid of commitment, especially if they are very young.

If you have been in a relationship with this boy for a while and you feel that they are not moving forward, it may not be a bad idea to stop looking for him.

It is normal that you are tired of waiting for him to show you that he is serious with you. So walking away and seeing how he responds can help you make the decision whether you want to continue or cut the relationship altogether.

Probably, if you see that he is relieved or does not do anything to approach you, you will want to continue on another path. Think that it is better to find someone who really wants to build a relationship with you.

On the contrary, if you see that he is looking for you and wants to improve things between the two of you, you will see that he wants to have a true commitment to you.

Does he think of you, when you stop looking for him?

If you are interested in knowing what a guy thinks when a girl stops looking for him, you will also want to know if he thinks of you when you are not around him.

And how can you realize this?

Well, see if he makes any of the points below.

1) Interact with your social networks

If there is something in the modern world that tells us that someone is looking out for us, it is social networks.

Also, if this guy likes, comments, or watches your stories, he wants to let you know that he is still thinking about you.

He wants you to not stop thinking about him and he is showing you that he cares about you with his presence in your networks. Otherwise, you wouldn’t see any interaction on his part.

2) He wants to get your attention on his social networks

It can also happen that he performs actions in his networks to provoke a reaction in you.

For example, you could upload photos or messages that allude to you and remind you of the beautiful moments you lived. He expects you to see them and comment on them.

Or, perhaps, he wants to arouse your jealousy or anger, uploading photos with women you don’t know or partying with friends. He wants to see you appear at all costs, even if it has to provoke negative emotions in you.

Additionally, he does all this so that you do not stop thinking about him.

3) You get comments from other people

It may happen that both are part of the same social groups. They may share the same group of friends, go to the same gym or hang out in the same places, where they meet the same people.

Then, you find out that he has been asking about you.

It is very common when a couple has distanced themselves, that when they miss each other and have no communication, they ask other people about her. He wants to know how you are because he cares about you.

But you must have if you have had a long and serious relationship. If so, he may want to know how you are, regardless of whether or not he is still romantically interested in you. Having a significant relationship with someone generally leaves a love in people, who, although they do not want to continue together, still want your good. He can also consult for you as a simple courtesy.

That is why it is very important to know what was the reason why he asked for you. This will bring you closer to their true intentions.

4) You see him everywhere

If you notice that your boy is everywhere, even though you haven’t been talking, it’s no coincidence.

Women have that sixth sense, which gives us correct hunches about all kinds of things. This is one of them. If you see him everywhere and you feel that it is not because she is, it is because she thinks of you and has not forgotten you.

Maybe he wants to be within your reach, so you can talk to him, whenever you want. He wants to be close to your radius of interaction so that they resume communication when you are ready.

This speaks highly of him because he respects the distance you have decided to take, but he wants to be there for you. He wants you to see that he is present and that he is close by for whatever you need. He may even be watching over you from a distance.

5) He continues to do things for you

Perhaps they work together on a project and even though you have moved away, he continues to collaborate with you. This can be through e-mail and maintaining a professional attitude.

He may also intend to use it as an excuse to get close to you but in a sneaky way.

Another possibility is that he uses a friend as an excuse. He approaches you and tells you that this friend has been wanting to communicate with you, for some reason in particular.

Likewise, he can appear at the door of your house, with some procedure that he has solved for you, to be able to see you.

Does walking away from a man work?

Stop looking for a man can work if you have analyzed the previous points and conclude that you will have a positive result.

Taking distance can cause the other to approach and thereby demonstrate their deep interest in you.

Also taking this course of action on your part can show you how much he is willing to do for you.

It will help you get to know him better and see his behavior if you stop having a relationship where you see each other constantly.

Perhaps so far in the relationship, you have put everything on your side and now you want him to do his.

It is something totally normal since that is what every relationship is about. I mean that the two people must contribute on their side.

It is useless that a woman is always looking for a man. If he is quietly waiting for you to do all the work, it will eventually demotivate him even more. Men enjoy a challenge and if there is none they lose interest.

Likewise, it should not be lost sight of that both parties have their incidence in this pattern of behavior.

But you should also consider your man’s personality. It may be better to talk to him face to face. Tell him what you want him to improve. Instead of walking away, without saying anything.

One final tip

Everything works much better with men when you say what you want directly to their faces.

Most of the time it is not good to wait for him to figure it out on his own. This is so because the guys are generally quite distracted with these issues.

In addition, today’s busy life often does not give us time to realize certain issues that someone else wants us to understand indirectly.

Communication is the fundamental basis in any relationship. Don’t be afraid to use this powerful tool.