What hooks a man in a woman? keys that will help you

Keeping a guy hooked on a girl may seem easy.

You just have to have spend time with him, remember his favorite brand of drink, and leave him alone for 15 minutes when he gets home from work.

Fortunately, it is that simple, but there are also many other ways you can continue to attract your man for much longer.

Next, I will tell you 20 successful ways to hook a man and not get bored trying.

After all, one of the most important things to make a relationship last is fun, love, and affection. Don’t you think?

20 elementary tips to have a man at your feet

1) Remember the little details that are important to him

In general, men are not usually very picky. But they do usually have an issue that they like their partner to pay attention to.

When I first moved in with my boyfriend, I thought it was a good idea to ask him what things he would like me to respect in living together. Also, tell me what things could bother you.

You will be surprised to know that it is not going to answer a long list of questions that you will go crazy to fulfill.

In my case, he just told me that he didn’t like hair in the soap or in the sink and that the mess bothered him.

That’s right, that’s all he asked of me and the truth is that it is something really very simple to fulfill.

Your partner will be happy if he sees that you pay attention to what he once asked you for.

In addition, it will encourage him to do the same for you and this will make living together successful for both of you.

2) Repeat any act that has impacted him

By this, I mean that first moment when you are meeting a man and he is shocked by something you have done.

He may also be attracted to something you’re wearing, and I don’t necessarily mean lingerie. Believe it or not, there are many men who do not give importance to underwear and women continue to spend fortunes on them.

Instead, one day they are going out, you show up in that short dress that shows off your long legs. It can also be that hat with a feather, which wants to set the trend. Perhaps a necklace that has multiple clear chains and looks like you only have silver charms dangling from your neck.

What is important are those details that stand out from the common of women and can also amuse or admire whoever is looking at you.

It can also be about the way you act. This can amuse you. Perhaps you are a bit carefree with problems that drive other women to despair. Perhaps you can get their attention in a positive way when you face a cashier who wants to give you a change wrong and does not want to be responsible.

These attitudes show your personality and those are the things for which a man can end up falling in love.

3) Respect their space

That 30-minute downtime you need after you get home from work is the difference between talking or yelling like crazy.

Perhaps you have waited all day for him to arrive, to resolve an issue that has you worried.

But the best thing to do, when you see him walk through the door, is to take a deep breath, lean in close, and just kiss him.

Let him sit quietly on the couch and watch his favorite sport or that series that has him so excited.

Give him space to get distracted for a while, do not forget that he came back from work and surely he was solving issues all day. The reality is that waiting a few minutes will not make a difference in solving the problems you have.

If you know how to respect his times, he will be much more predisposed, to solve whatever it is later.

He will even have more encouragement and you will not cause him rejection. Something that will surely happen, if you drive him crazy every time he comes home.

4) Take the initiative

Surprise him with a new place to visit, with exotic drinks and a spectacular atmosphere.

The truth is that we find ourselves increasingly overwhelmed by responsibilities. Having moments of relaxation is essential, to be able to move forward with everything we want to achieve.

You can also take over some of his chores from time to time without him asking you to.

For example, you drive home after a night out. He will relax and find it attractive to see you driving with a bit of speed. Only do it if you haven’t been drinking.

5) Show him that you can manage very well on your own

There is something about independent women that drives men crazy.

It’s probably admiration that you don’t need them constantly, to be able to get along in life.

Men are fascinated by women who are sure of themselves and who know very well what they want, in the fields in which they move.

This is not to say that some guys can be intimidated. You must be careful with this. What I mean is that you shouldn’t make him feel like he can’t bring you anything. This, in addition to not being true, makes having a partner lose meaning.

Your general demeanor should be that of a woman who manages on her own, but every once in a while snuggles up in her man’s arms, so she can take a break from life’s challenges.

6) Show that you have personality

Stun him by ordering a whiskey on the rocks. Many men like to see a woman who appreciates a good alcoholic drink.

But be careful not to end up getting me drunk. This especially applies at the beginning of the relationship. Otherwise, instead of hooking it, you will cause the opposite effect.

You can also tell him about some feat you have accomplished, such as when you jumped off an abyss on a paraglider or dived in the depths of the ocean. Men love brave women.

7) Offer to pay your share of the bill

Pulling out your wallet is a tricky moment on any first date.

He knows you’re not going to pay, you know he’s not going to pay.

But should he even bother to pretend that he will? Of course yes!

That will make him see that he will not be alone in finances if your relationship is serious.

Of course, he must be a knight. But he will like to see that you are a woman who has her own money, to do whatever you want.

But be careful, if he lets you pay, next time don’t take out your wallet. Look at him closely, so that he realizes that he can’t go too far with you and that he also has to be willing to pamper you.

8) If you know how to cook, take advantage of this gift

All men love to eat and more if it is an elaborate meal made with the heart.

Men are very distracted by many things, but, for some reason, food is an exception.

I mean, as long as you cook him something special, that he’s brought his work and you mention it to him, he’ll appreciate it.

If you delight his palate with some delicious gourmet dish that you learned recently, it will not go unnoticed by him.

Also, try not to repeat meals two days in a row, less on the same day. Variety makes for a man’s enjoyment, especially when it comes to food.

9) Be passionate when you tell him your ideas

Seeing the sparkle in a woman’s eyes, when she talks fervently about something, definitely hooks a guy.

Whether it’s world peace, your favorite show, or the delicious meal with fries and fried egg that your mother prepares.

Men find it charming to see a woman get excited about life.

They feel that in this way they will always have fun with you because you passionately live certain aspects of what surrounds you.

Also, having your ideas and being firm in your beliefs will show your confidence and will captivate him thanks to it.

10) Help him whenever you can

Any guy loves it when a woman gives him advice on choosing a new pair of jeans or a cool t-shirt.

Of course, you should not force him, if he does not want to, or if what you have chosen does not convince him.

You can have the initiative, and then he will be the one to give you his consent.

You don’t want him to think that you treat him like a child or that you want to dictate how he should dress.

Another way you can help him is to listen to the problems he is having at work. Give you advice on that thorny job issue. He will feel accompanied and supported, and he will do the same for you.

11) Be spontaneous

For example, if they are tired of the routine, suggest organizing a getaway that same weekend.

That’s right, the important thing is to catch him off guard. Shake up his life with a fun new plan. Something that really excites him to get to that moment to relax and enjoy with you by his side.

Plan there what they can do. Observe this new place they are visiting and create unforgettable moments.

You can suggest sleeping under the stars, making love on the beach after dark, or going horseback riding to watch the sunset later.

Make him try that exotic dish, encourage him to drink that strange drink.

Entertain him with a trip, without him having to think too much, throwing himself into experiencing it all.

12) Be fun and funny

Many are those who think that in the couple the one who has to be funny is the man.

Nothing more wrong than thinking like that.

It’s also wonderful when a girl makes a boy laugh.

It is something simple to do and lightens the life of any person.

In addition, the benefit will be for both. Shared fun will bring them happiness and health.

Just with a joke in passing or putting a little whipped cream on the end of your nose and crossing your eyes, you will get that smile, which makes you fall in love every time you see it.

13) Challenge him every once in a while

Men have a competitive soul by nature and this makes them find it stimulating when a woman challenges them.

For example, you can play a video game that he likes and try to win. Believe it or not, you can do it. If you beat him, don’t hide your joy. He won’t like losing, but he’ll give you credit for beating him.

You can also challenge him with a sport, such as going for a run. You don’t necessarily have to win, as long as you encourage him to compete and that he beats you, he will feel excellent by your side.

14) Be flexible

Give in from time to time to what he asks of you or likes.

Maybe he’s not having a good time. There are many reasons why this can happen. Maybe he lost a loved one or things got tough at work.

So, you see that your man spends a lot of time in front of the television, to be able to distract his mind a little.

You think you should tell him to do something else with his life. But, the best thing you can do is, instead of arguing, sit next to her and choose a movie to watch together. He will feel accompanied and appreciate it.

It may also happen that he has to move or make drastic changes in his life, because of his job. If you can agree without many conditions, he will love you for it.

15) Go to the gym

Men can find it really irresistible to see their girl in a top and mini shorts, well attached to the body.

Of course, he will like you to take care of your figure and see your progress in it. Strengthen your body and take care of your health.

Additionally, seeing your cheeks flushed from physical activity will awaken the memory in him of when he sees you like this, after a passionate night.

16) Use some of his clothes in an attractive way

One of the things that can arouse a lot of tenderness in a man is seeing you sheltered in his favorite sweater.

Men have a natural instinct to protect their women. When he sees that you are cold and you choose to wrap yourself up in some of his clothes, they know that you feel protected thanks to something that belongs to him.

In addition, he will feel that, without having made too much effort, he has already complied with you.

What more can you ask for?

17) Wear perfume

The association can awaken any feeling or desire in people.

For example, if you always use the same perfume, after you shower, when you make love, he will associate it with it. This is an ingenious strategy to hook a man from a woman.

So, after a while, when you use this perfume on an outing, you will see how he is more animated.

What hooks a boy from a girl

In short, you will have noticed that it is not very difficult to charm a man with certain actions and attitudes.

You have for all tastes, and all of them can be carried out without much complication.

Some are very simple to do and you can practice them at any time.

Others may require a little more planning, but the idea is something that you can always do and that you enjoy too.

You will see how after a while of applying these tips, things turn on with your boy and your relationship improves, going to a higher level.