What makes a man fall in love: 11 proven details

Has it happened to you that you start dating a boy and it seems that everything is going great and without warning he leaves? The worst thing is that many times this happens when you are already in love and things were going so well that we could think that he was also in love and without knowing why he is leaving.

So that it never happens to you again, in this article I will show you what things make a man fall in love with and how to make him stay with you.

What makes them fall in love?

Many things and cute details make them fall in love, pay close attention to the list that I will give you.

1.  love yourself

I know, this can be so trite and even sound cliché, however the importance of this point makes it vital, so it is the first point. Think about it with a bit of logic, if you don’t fall in love with yourself, how do you expect someone else to?

Start by valuing yourself, rediscovering all those qualities that make you special, remember how wonderful and beautiful you are, it can help you if you make a list and remember why you deserve the best.

2.  Always look attractive

Remember that men are 100% visual, you don’t have to be a Top Model …

However, it is super important that you get the most out of each of your attributes, wear the clothes that look best for you, take care of your hair, put on makeup.

Nor is it about submerging your face under kilos of makeup, remember that less is more, you can always look attractive without showing too much since there will be times when you will have to dress more formal than others.

Take care of your physique, it is not about starving yourself but about looking for the physique with which you feel comfortable with yourself, take care of your diet and practice some sport or do Yoga or meditation, which in the end the only beneficiary will be you, taking care of your health

3.  Be sure of yourself

When men come across a woman full of security, they do not forget her. When you are sure of yourself you become a kind of masculine magnet since you radiate a positive force that simply attracts.

A woman can also be beautiful, strong and with great determination in her ideals and values.

4. Treasure your femininity

He likes you for being a woman, otherwise he would ask a boy out instead of you, don’t you think?

If just because you are a woman you already have one more point in your favor, we are going to get the most out of it, it is fine if you ask for help to change a tire or if you admit that that day you do not feel quite well and that you Mood is a bit low, also avoid making a whole drama.

But showing our sensitivity is precisely what makes us different.

5.  Forget your competitiveness with him

We are currently in an era where women fight for “gender equality” where we defend ideologies such as having the same rights as men. the same salaries because we are able to carry out the same activities with the same quality as the opposite gender.

We are used to a competitive environment where to be able to climb we need to show that we are the best and if climbing requires competing with a man, we do it and wearing heels.

In addition, being competitive is something of daily life, which we end up including in our lives as something natural.

However, when it comes to making a man fall in love, it is best if you leave your competitiveness at the office or at home.

Men do not want to fall in love with their rival, it is perfect if in your job you have 20 men in charge, you can talk about it and he would love to know that he is with a woman as intelligent and capable as you.

However, do not compete with him, do not challenge him or suggest that you are better than him in any activity, admit that each one has strengths and weaknesses and that you do not have a competition but a relationship or friendship as the case may be.

6.  Let him know that you have a life

Show him that you have a life, that you have friends, girlfriends, hobbies, work, family that you have an incredible and fun life that completely fills you, it is not necessary to throw yourself off the parachute every weekend, just showing that you are happy is enough.

Why is it important for him to know?

Men are scared of commitment or feeling that they lose their freedom, if when they start dating you show them that as soon as they start a relationship you will turn it into your entire universe, that terrifies them!

On the other hand, if you show that you do not need a man in your life because your life is already incredible as it is, however, make it clear that you are willing to share your happiness with him, the effect will be opposite, he will look for a way to be part of your life as it looks quite attractive.

7.  Be positive

Try to laugh as much as possible, just as we want a funny man who makes us laugh, the same thing men seek, someone with whom they can share their sense of humor.

You are with your boy in the stage of infatuation so it is not yet time to share all your sorrows with him, it is okay to admit if one day you feel a little down, but do not tell him about your relationship with your parents, your financial problems, the children, your ex-partner, etc.

It is not about hiding your life, simply that your intention is to make him fall in love and that you will only achieve by being the most positive and joyful thing you can, the time will come when you can share your sorrows and support each other, but it is not that time yet.

8.  Let him feel like a man

All the roles that we currently play have turned us into “wonder women” we are capable of doing any activity, we endure hunger, cold, heat, a long day of work and so on.

And, we look super difficult. This leads us to the fact that when a man offers us his coat, take food to the office, even to change a light bulb in our apartment, we are capable of rejecting his offer, since we are so independent.

We know we can do it without the need for help, but these acts that make him feel good, allow him to protect you and feel like your knight by your side, let yourself be pampered. You will see that you will love all their attention.

9.  Be a challenge

Men like girls who represent a challenge for them, that is, when you disagree with him, admit it and defend your point of view, show that you have criteria and do not care if you contradict him in order to defend your beliefs.

10.  Let him know that you have limits

And above all that you respect them, it is a type of standard that you have in order to protect yourself, that it is not personal, that it does not matter if it is with him or with any other boy, you will act in the same way making yourself respected.

We each have different limits, for example: not having s**x on the first date or not agreeing to have s**x while you know that he is in a relationship with another girl.

This is different for each one and it does not matter what your limits are, they are correct, because it is you who establishes them and who is in charge of respecting them.

11.  Don’t pretend

He will fall in love with you for who you really are, give him the opportunity to meet you, be the best version of yourself and let yourself be loved.

If you pretend to be someone who you are not he will realize or in the worst case he will fall in love with another person, who you pretended to be, you cannot pretend all the time, so when your true self comes out, your relationship will end because you will no longer be but that girl that you invented yourself.