What makes men cry?

When we watch a movie (or a cartoon) a little sad with our partner and we start to sniff, we often have the right to a “but it’s not true, what a mourning this one”! And when we ask him, with our quivering chin and runny nose (s**xy!), If he never cries, we always get the same answer: “well no”!
Well, it’s true that when you think about it, we’ve never seen him with tears in his eyes, or even his eyes vaguely shining. But from there to asserting that men do not cry …


The official version: nothing!

Men, cry? But is it not going well or what? Men, real people, never cry, never.

Normal: crying means being sensitive, being fragile, being overwhelmed by your emotions, having flaws, maybe even unhealed wounds. In other words, to cry is to be weak. And a man, it can’t be weak. A man is strong, he is powerful, he is virile, he walks around in a t-shirt in the middle of winter and catches crocodiles with his bare hands. Well, let’s stop there, the message got through?

And yes, in the 21st century, if women do not have the right to earn as much as men, there is a right that the latter also seems to struggle to obtain: the right to cry. Simply. Otherwise, they come across as sissy, emotional sissies, little things unable to cope with adversity. And not just from the perspective of their peers: frankly, out of 100 women, how many feel perfectly comfortable with a man who is crying?

So if, like birds that hide to die, men also hide to cry, it is not for nothing; it’s because they don’t dare! And this is perhaps also why when we ask them what makes them cry, they almost all answer tit-for-tat: “Nothing”!

The unofficial version: the same things as us!

But hey, if we forgot a little the macho and s**xist prejudices of the type “men, that does not cry”, we would realize that in fact, even if they are supposed to disembark from Mars and us from Venus, these gentlemen cry for the same reasons we do.

For reasons not really always deep: they cry when they hit their little toe on the oak coffee table in the living room, they cry with laughter when we tell them a good joke with our natural talent, or they cry when their favorite player. scores the equalizer goal in the 90th minute!

But they also know how to shed a small tear in more delicate situations: they cry in front of the beauty of a breathtaking landscape, they cry with rage when they feel humiliated or frustrated, they cry when they feel overwhelmed by a situation. or at the end of the roll; and like us, they cry when they’re afraid of losing us after an argument, they cry when we leave them or tell them we don’t love them anymore.

Without forgetting the tears of the big occasions: when one answers “yes” to their marriage proposal, or when the gynecologist declares to them that “the small point, there, on the screen, it is the child who moves”!

Man, a woman like any other? And why not!