What to do when your boyfriend ignores you? – Use psychology techniques

I do not know if it has ever happened to them that they feel that their partner or boyfriend takes an indifferent type of behavior. Like in a certain way he no longer treats you the same, or different characteristics persist in his personality, very different from the ordinary. Let me tell you, these are processes that happen very often and that sometimes our partner is not even aware of what they are doing. Now, today we will see some aspects and the best steps to take, when we face this type of problem.

Why does my boyfriend sometimes talk to me and sometimes ignore me?

I have been in that situation, where my boyfriend has stopped talking to me or rather like communication is a bit affected . This is something that happens to many couples and the feeling that the ignored person feels is horrible. On many occasions, this happens because the relationship does not have fluid communication.

By not having good communication between a couple, where you can have enough confidence, to talk about the things that bother us or that bother us , this problem results. Because, sometimes, we feel sorry to talk about things, then some of the parts, it seems a better option to ignore.

Analyze your behavior

We must remember that relationships are complex. This is because they are 2 people who try to live together, mix and accept different types of tastes and that each person thinks in a different way. As a first step I recommend that you analyze and remember what events have happened from a period to now.

Many people, when they feel offended, simply do not say anything, or claim, only, they keep all that feeling and reserve it. But in many cases, the person tends to change or stops treating us as usual. So in this situation, first, I recommend that you analyze in detail, all possible aspects, if there has been a situation, where your partner has felt offended and that is the cause of his behavior.

Put yourself in their shoes

Many times, we focus only on ourselves , and this is something that can be very negative, because we ignore the situations that our boyfriend may go through. Sometimes we think that they have that type of reaction or behavior, because it is immature, it wants to make you feel bad. But we don’t stop to see things from their perspective.

Continuing with the previous point, it may be that your boyfriend is offended by something you have done, which was not quite right. If that is the situation, you must face the situation , acknowledge the mistakes made and speak things in a good way.

On the other hand, in many cases we omit the other situations that our boyfriend or partner may go through. Problems at work, at university, with their parents, there are many aspects to take into account. We must be aware that sometimes these problems can affect people’s behavior. So try to see things a bit from your boyfriend’s perspective.


As we talked about it at the beginning, communication is paramount in a relationship . The best thing when facing this situation or a similar one is that you can tell your partner what you feel. It is better that you be clear about the situation you are perceiving, this means that you do not keep anything and that with all confidence you can talk about what is happening with your partner.

This can give you the solution to the problem. Or at least you will know what is happening with your boyfriend or partner and so they will try to solve that situation in the best and healthiest way possible.

Avoid mind games

This option is taken by many people who avoid communicating. How is this, is to adapt our behavior to that of our partner , try to get their attention or make them a little jealous with another person. This can be flattering to you at one point, because you might get your boyfriend’s attention.

But on the other hand, in the long run it can damage the trust and the good path of your relationship . It becomes a relationship, a bit toxic, where the one who feels the least or is least affected by situations is the strongest. This is not the best option to take, try to be very careful not to fall into these types of games.

Focus on yourself and put the obsession aside

When going through this situation, we must have a limit or rather have a balance. Because in many cases, we become obsessed with knowing what our partner thinks, why they act like that, and we want to be investigating at all times. Basically we forget ourselves and we are totally aware of the other person.

Of course, we must be attentive to the situation, but exaggerate. When we are ignored, our mental well-being is often affected, we can get sad, our self-esteem drops a little and we end up falling in love psychologically. Try to focus a little more on yourself , your personal development, your goals and projects.

Ask for respect and respect

If you have already reached the total point, where you did everything possible to improve the situation and the other person still continues to ignore me, with an indifferent attitude. Ask him to respect you as you are respecting him , in this way you put your character and the limits that you have on the table.

Because, if you have already spoken, you have analyzed the situation, you have even asked forgiveness for any offense you have previously committed and nothing has changed, you must be very aware, what is the direction the relationship will take. Be very honest with yourself and see if that relationship really makes you feel good or on the contrary, the only thing it offers you is insecurities.

 Make a decision

You have already followed all the possible steps, you have spoken, you have analyzed the situation, you have recognized your mistakes, but nothing has changed. That is the point, where we must be the most honest with ourselves. As I mentioned before, see if the relationship works for you or in return the only thing it offers us are insecurities.

If your boyfriend becomes defensive or tells you to change but does not comply. Possibly that person, is playing with you or a more radical case, there is a third party involved . At this point you should take a closer look, seeing if it is possible that there is another person. If this situation persists for a long time, it is time for you to make a drastic decision. Believe me it may be the best option for you.

What to do when your partner ignores you?

This point is already something more personal. It is more complicated, when the person with whom we live ignores us it is something difficult to face, because it is the person with whom we share most of our time. I will show you what are the best options to take, when you go through this situation with your husband.

Do not imitate their behavior

We are clear that imitating the behavior of the couple in this situation is not the best option. This is because the relationship as such may be affected . Since both begin to develop a little pride and that sensitivity and confidence is lost.

Don’t draw premature conclusions

Try to be well informed, before drawing any conclusions. Because in many cases we do not know the situations that your husband or partner may be going through. Those difficult processes that on many occasions change our way of being. By drawing conclusions without being very cemented, it can cause discomfort in the other person. He will try to ask and try to communicate in the best way.

Set clear boundaries

Try to be as patient and calm as possible. But if you see that time passes and things do not flow, as the problems are getting worse. You must make him understand, what are your limits as a person, this means to what extent you can bear this situation.

Get involved in plans and decisions

It does not matter if you are going through this type of situation, always try to keep your husband or partner in mind in the decisions you can make. In this way, you will show him that he is important to you , that you really want to overcome problems in the best way.

Try to be as specific as possible

If possible, try not to beat around the bush , this is what it does is further deteriorate the trust of the relationship. Try to be as honest and punctual as possible. Try to cut corners and be very clear about it. In this way you will give your partner the possibility to know how you feel and what you are feeling.

Couple time

This is something of the utmost importance. As time passes, many couples forget those things that brought them together, we forget to spend time together . This results in the relationship becoming monotonous and everything becoming routine. This is something that we must try to avoid at all costs. Not spending time with couples is the reason why many couples separate.

Remember how important your union is

You must keep in mind as a couple or marriage, those things that united them at the beginning. Make sure that love, details and even intimacy do not end. Since these things are what keep a marriage union or relationship afloat. Be detail-oriented and always keep in mind the importance of the relationship.

Never ignore how you really feel

A very common mistake that we can make when faced with a difficult situation is to ignore what we feel. This is something that can negatively affect the relationship, keeping things is not a very healthy act. The best thing you can do is admit what you feel and tell your partner about what you are going through or the feeling you are experiencing. Of course, you should do it in a respectful and very calm way.

What to do when your boyfriend ignores you on WhatsApp?

When we talk about WhatsApp, there is a symbol that makes us all very concerned, this is, the double blue check.  The experience has happened to us all, in which they leave us with this symbol on WhatsApp. Our reaction will depend entirely on the person in the chat. But what happens when that person is your partner.

We start to worry, many times to question why this has happened, but before we start to despair and draw baseless conclusions , we must start to think, what would be the most common reasons for that person to leave you in sight.

The first reason why your boyfriend can leave you in sight is some occupation. This is something that happens a lot, we must keep in mind if the couple is on work hours or is during study hours. This is a very frequent reason why they can leave you in sight . Try to call him at the time you think is best or speak to him in person. Examine this very well, if you see that this behavior persists over time, let me tell you that it is not an occupation.

When such a situation happens, try not to suffocate the chat, with thousands of messages. Better try to send a few texts, very explicit,  asking him what he is doing . If they do not respond to you, it is good that they face this issue in person. In my own opinion, if this situation happens to you a lot, it is best that you discuss it with your boyfriend in person, being very sincere and explicit about it. Let them know how this situation makes you feel.