What to do when your partner doesn’t know what he wants?

Do you feel like your relationship is one-sided because the other doesn’t know exactly what they want? We give you the necessary guidelines to deal with the situation in the following article.

Starting a relationship with a partner is starting something together. To do this, you both need to know where you are going in order to visualize the path.

However, what if one partner doesn’t know what they want? How to act? Should we sever the relationship or issue an ultimatum?

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A joint project with your partner

When a relationship begins, it is assumed that a common project for the future is also initiated. That is, a couple is heading towards a goal, has plans, a forward projection in which both share dreams, responsibilities, and efforts.

However, if any of the members don’t know what they really want, then that project just doesn’t exist. Thus, it will be virtually useless for one person to take the reins of the relationship. Thus, the commitment to continue will only breed frustration and even blame in the future on both sides.

What happens when a partner is unclear about what to expect from a relationship? If this is the case for you and you think the other person doesn’t know what they want, you are probably experiencing the following situations:

  • You have doubts: everything is confused. One day, your partner wants to commit, but the next day he changes his mind. Sometimes your relationship is serious, but other times it falls into the “let’s see what happens” category. Therefore, you are living in a period of constant ups and downs that fills you with doubts and insecurity.
  • You feel frustration: the indecision of a person who doesn’t know what they want can be a source of frustration, stress, and suffering. Imagine trusting someone who doesn’t really know what to do and therefore doesn’t return the favor. It really hurts to give more than you get
  • Talking about the future makes you uncomfortable: you will avoid talking about the future together, whether it is long, medium, or short term. This is because your partner is not sure what he really wants. Gradually, you may also end up avoiding this type of conversation.

What to do when your partner doesn’t know what he wants?

Talk honestly with your partner

It makes no sense to keep so much doubt, frustration, and pain to yourself. This is why the best option is to have a sincere conversation with your partner and to clearly express your emotions, ideas, and dreams about the relationship.

However, you should always keep in mind that the other person may not share your plans and desires, or even your feelings. No one has to do it. So be prepared to hear something different.

A relationship is a commitmentthere are responsibilities, understanding, and respect. If these factors aren’t present in a relationship, it just isn’t healthy.

Take care of yourself

As we have already explained, it is not easy to enter into a relationship with a person who does not know what they want. Indeed, giving more than what you receive can be frustrating and heartbreaking. That’s why you need to take care of yourself and ask yourself if it’s really worth it.

If two people don’t share a vision for a common future, the relationship is doomed. So it’s best to think about yourself and understand that your directions are different and you want different things.

Remember what you want

Don’t get carried away by feelings for someone who doesn’t know what they want. You need to be clear about what you want for your future, what plans you have in mind, and how you want to feel about the person who will be accompanying you on your journey.

Therefore, stay away from those who confuse you with their indecision. If they are not able to engage, they are just not the right people to engage with.  It’s simple logic.

Boost your self-esteem, maintain your dignity, and say goodbye to what is not for you. You are going to open the door to something new, much healthier, and one that will make you happier.