What your sleep reveals about your relationship

Many factors can taint our sleep. And that also includes the quality of our romantic relationship, according to a new scientific study.

If sleep is vital, the quality of it is no less essential. A good night’s rest allows us to be in good shape and in a better mood . Conversely, if we do not sleep enough or not well, it can cause many negative effects on our physical and mental health. Obviously, we sometimes sleep poorly from time to time. Stress, poor diet , illness, time changes can especially affect our sleep . But, according to a very recent study published in “Social Psychological and Personality Science Journal”, our lover also plays a role in the quality of our sleep. The study thus reveals that if our partner prevents us from sleeping well, it is probably a sign that something is wrong with our couple.

Rest assured, if you share your life with a snorer , a sleepwalker or a cover thief, that doesn’t mean your story is failing, says Dr. Emre Selçuk, social development psychologist at Middle East Technical University , in Turkey and principal investigator of this survey. According to him, the sleep disorders caused by our partner are more related to his degree of attention and sensitivity to us.

Our partner, the best sleeping pill in the world

Doctor Selcuk explains that “having a sensitive partner who would be available to offer us a feeling of protection and comfort is the most effective way to reduce anxiety, tension and excitement” which sometimes overwhelm us, to the point of harming our sleep. Feeling safe in the arms of our partner would allow us to sleep better and get a deeper sleep.

To reach this conclusion, the researchers interviewed 698 adults, married or living with a partner, between 35 and 86 years of age. Participants were asked to respond to surveys regarding partner reactivity, sleep disturbances, and symptoms of depression and anxiety. Secondly, 219 participants were invited to an analysis of their sleep for one week.
“Our results show that individuals sleeping with sensitive partners experience less anxiety and excitement, which improves the quality of their sleep.” Morality, if you have been sleeping badly lately without any apparent reason, take your man between four eyes and tell him that you need more attention and tenderness. That it is your sleep that depends on it. If you sleep like a baby, rejoice, your couple is fine. Come on, it deserves a little hug, especially since according to another study, it would allow our men to sleep better .