When a man wants something serious, what attitudes does he have (8 signs)

Does the guy you like really love you or is he just trying to hang out with you?

It is natural that if you have been hurt on other occasions, in this new relationship you find yourself doubtful about your partner’s feelings or perhaps it is you who this time does not want something serious and you fear that your partner will take things too seriously with you.

Below are the attitudes a man has towards you when he wants something serious by your side, it will only take you a day to find out the truth.

1.-  You are their priority 

These are the most obvious signs, when your partner really loves you, you become his priority even without him realizing it, from one moment to the next he always thinks of you first before making any decision in his life.

When you are the most important thing for a man, he dedicates time to you, he is always willing to help you in whatever you need and is able to cancel any commitment in order to spend time with you.

Regardless of whether this commitment is for work, family or with his friends, it is not really necessary that you ask him.

When a man loves you, all the demonstrations of love that he has with you, he does it without the need for you to ask or suggest it, simply for the pleasure of seeing you happy.

He has big plans by your side and he never allows himself to fail you, no matter if something important or serious comes to him at the last minute, he knows that he has a commitment to you and in his mind there is no possibility of canceling you.

He takes you to the most important events of his life, you are always the # 1 guest, his main company and it shows that he enjoys spending time with you, he does not invite you because he feels an obligation to you, you can feel that he is proud of you.

He always answers your calls and messages no matter how busy he is, if he is in a meeting, in an exam, in the middle of a family reunion, he will always take your call.


2.- He  has too much interest in you

A man who hopes to spend his whole life with a girl, makes an effort to get to know her and pays attention to all her talks and comments.

He is not the typical boy to whom you have to tell a thousand times the story of how you broke your knee in your childhood, or repeat what is your favorite food because he never pays attention to you.

There are girls who excuse their boyfriends on the pretext that they are too clueless boys and that is why they never remember an important date, their favorite dish or restaurant, the most important thing is that you be honest with yourself.

When a boy does not pay attention to you, he never remembers anything you say to him, it is because he is not really interested in you, when a man is in love, no matter how clueless he is, he always remember the important things about you, because you are his priority and he wants make you happy.

3.-  Listen to your opinion

The foundation of any successful relationship is respect.

Respect grows out of mutual admiration and trust. Each of us has qualities that make us special, it doesn’t matter if you and your partner have completely different professions.

There is always the need to take into account the opinion of another person on the subject that we ignore and that person turns out to be an expert.

Listening to other people would be the most logical and normal thing in the world, however, as the years go by, many people tend to forget this practice out of pride or believe they have greater knowledge than those around them.

When a man really cares about you, he puts aside all his professional training, ceases to care about his pride and always asks for your opinion, in these cases any man interested in you could put this technique into practice.

However, only the one who really cares about you will be able to take your opinion and not just listen to it, your view can be in action for the rest of the relationship and not only for the time of conquest.


4.- He  is open and honest with you

We all without exception have a couple of things that we try to hide from the world, either out of shame or anger, the point is that we do not go through the world joining it to our personal introduction.

When a man expects to have something serious with you, he feels the obligation to be honest with you, he opens the game before your eyes before starting the game.

The man who wants to stay with you for life doesn’t dare risk the relationship because of a misunderstanding of the past, so his best option is to be honest with you from the beginning.

With these actions he shows you the degree of trust he has towards you, remember that a reaction without mutual trust will fall apart in a very short time.

A man who opens his heart to two doors in front of you, is a man who values ​​you and is definitely in love with you.

5.-  He makes you feel special 

He always compliments you, it does not matter if you are about to go to a party or if you just got up and you are without a drop of makeup, for him you are always the most beautiful girl in this world, he fills you with compliments and the best of everything is that you always feel sincere.

He shows you expressions of affection that always take you by surprise, when you least expect it you receive a hug from behind you, he whispers something in your ear, he sends you messages of love all the time, he tries to call you every night with the sole purpose of wanting you a beautiful night.

He is romantic and thoughtful with you, it doesn’t really matter if he gives you expensive gifts or not, he always tries to make you feel good and from time to time he surprises you with that bag that you liked so much at the mall.


6.-  Share their passions with you

A man who wants to spend the rest of his life by your side wants to share his greatest passions with you, he always makes you part of all his plans.

If he is a lover of the kitchen, he will always try to invite you, when he is about to make a new culinary creation, he invites you to collaborate with him, it does not matter if you do not know anything about cooking, he will want you to be there with him even if only Pass sugar, salt and the necessary implements.

If he has the idea of ​​creating a company, he will try by all means that you are his partner and begins to plan a long future in your company.

7.-  He always fulfills what he promises you

Many of the points are related to each other, in reality your boy does not have so many requirements to meet for you to realize if he is interested in having something serious with you or not, in reality only a few are enough since most of them go hand in hand with the rest.

That is, if you are his priority for your boy, he will automatically strive to fulfill all his promises.

When you have in front of you a boy who strives to fulfill what he promises, it is a sign that that man is a worthy person to trust.

For many men it is easy to promise and not fulfill, but for the man who is truly in love it is a thousand times easier to fulfill than to fail the woman they love.


8.- He  invites you to meet his family

This is one of the clearest signs that a man wants something serious with you, for a man to introduce yourself to his family as a formal partner is a very important act, to verify it is enough only to find out with his family how many girls he has taken before you.

Most men fear that they will face teasing from their family members or that they will make a fool of them, so when your boy invites you to a meeting with his family, value him and try to make the best impression for him. it is very important that you get along with his family.

When a man cares about you, he not only brings you to know his family but also strives for his family to accept you and treat you in the best way, he will not allow anyone, even a relative, to behave in an inappropriate way with you.