Why do we never forget our first love?

A first love that lasts forever

We all remember our first love. It must be said that this person remains important throughout our life. We have learned to discover it and at the same time to discover ourselves. Our first feelings of love were born and it is impossible to forget them. Why? Here are some explanations.

Who is our first love?

It is very easy to answer this question, besides we all have the answer. Our first love is not that of school, it is the one we knew in late adolescence or even just after. Moreover, this first love marks the end of childhood and the beginning of adulthood. It also marks the first emotional emotions.

Living your first love is a big step in our life. It is also a very constructive step which makes us grow. All our life, it will be a reference, a point of comparison, or simply a sweet or painful memory.

Strong feelings still unknown

What marks the first love is the great novelty of the feelings that accompany it. From an early age, we are very attached to our parents, our family, and sometimes our friends. We care about these people and life without them seems impossible.

First love is different because the feelings that accompany it are new! They have never been tested before but probably will be in the future. As they are unknown, they are much more powerful and can be unsettling. This is what makes us remember this experience.

A starting point in our sentimental life

The first love also marks the beginning of our sentimental life. Some of us will have only one love story in our life, others will have several. These sentimental experiences will be more or less powerful and therefore more or less striking. The first love remains unique and will be a reference for all future stories.

The first love is associated with the discovery of s**xuality. Here again, the novelty is there. Like feelings, these new sensations are powerful because they are unknown.

An idealized story

Before we experience our first love, we idealize it. It must be said that between the novels that we read and the sentimental comedies that we watch, we have more or less realistic references. A few years after this first love story, we still idealize it even if it was not perfect.

Hard to forget your first love

You don’t forget your first love for various reasons. It must be said that this story is a memory of our youth, a period marked by freedom and recklessness. When we live our first love, we think about the future, about marriage, about the children we will have… This story cannot end!

To put an end to this story which takes up a lot of space, it is sometimes enough to review our youthful love. We realize that it is not perfect, that it has changed, in short that it no longer suits us. This meeting can mark a new beginning in our life and make us forget the idealized version of our first love.