Why does a man want to go slow in a relationship?

Are you dating a new guy who seems a little distant at times? Do you feel that he is reluctant to get serious?

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t have a real interest: it’s about understanding what’s really going on.

There are several key reasons why a man sometimes wants to take things slow. Even though he may be open to something serious with you. 

First, let’s see what might be causing your reserved attitude. 

Why does he want to take it easy if he’s actually interested in you? Here are the top 5 reasons

1) You don’t have a lot of relationship experience

One of the most common reasons why a man wants to take things slowly may be because he doesn’t have much relationship experience.

He’s still finding his wings in love and he doesn’t want to fly too high, too fast, crash and burn.

You can appeal to your sympathetic side: if this is all new to him, he will move at a slower pace than you would expect.

2) First, he wants to get to know you better

Another one of the biggest reasons why he may want to take things slow is to get to know you better.

Many people enter into relationships without really knowing their partner. 

And the truth is that in the early stages the other is more a mental elaboration of one’s own than reality. 

In the future, this can turn into a nightmare when they realize that they are incompatible, codependent, or bring out the worst in each other.

3) He doesn’t think you accept or love who he really is

Another reason he may want to take things slow is that he’s worried he’s not good enough for you.

This is one of the saddest reasons why a man takes it easy, and there really isn’t much you can do about it.

You can support him and show him that he is good enough, but ultimately it is a certainty that he will have to find within himself by developing his own personal power.

4) He is too shy to show his interest so soon

There are still shy guys who have trouble showing their interest in a woman.

He may really want to be with you, but be hesitant or shy to show you that he wants something serious too soon.

Maybe he doesn’t want to seem needy or desperate: maybe he thinks there aren’t enough signs yet that you really like him.

5) He’s been hurt before and he’s being more careful this time

This reason is also very common. It is important to respect that some men have really had a hard time and are very afraid that it will happen again.

For that reason, they take things slow and don’t want to get into another intense relationship that could go wrong and leave them shattered.

Now, any reason is valid to go slow. But surely what you also want to know at the end of the day is if he is interested in you or not. 

11 signs to know if he is interested in you but wants to take things easy

1) He loves dating, but he can’t bring himself to take it to the next level

One of the main signs that he wants to take it easy is that he loves hanging out with you, but avoids the topic of being an official couple.

You know he’s not just for passing the time. He still doesn’t react well when you mention something about getting more serious.

The factually real thing here is that he’s interested in you, but doesn’t want to rush into formality.

You want to take things slowly. 

2) Your communication is honest but sometimes not completely open

When a guy is not good for you or just trying to use you, he will often lie to you or cheat on you.

But when he really likes you and just wants to take it easy, he’ll be honest and tell you the truth about what’s going on with him.

The main difference is that you notice that he is not completely open.

There seems to be a part of him that is “hidden” or behind a veil in some way.

It may be that he excludes you from some matters, but it may also be that he simply wants to take things slow and not reveal all his mysteries instantly.

3) He is constant but not frequent

Here the important signal that you should observe is if there is a constancy in their communication. 

Maybe I write to you once a week instead of three as you would like. Or even take a little longer.

But if it doesn’t completely disappear without a trace, there’s still a chance it’s an interested guy who wants to take things slow. 

4) He includes you in his life even if he is not ready to be exclusive

When a guy is not really interested in you, you will notice. He will call you late at night or after a party and his behavior will be inconsistent.

But when he likes you and just wants to take it easy, he’ll go out of his way to include you in his life.

While he may not want to introduce you as his partner or girlfriend, he will be happy to introduce you to his friends and people he cares about.

5) He says he wants something serious with you, but not yet

This sign is a good one because, unless it’s lying, it tells you everything you need to know.

When he tells you that he wants to take it easy and that a relationship is a possibility, only not yet, then you know what’s going on.

The best way to know if he is telling the truth is the following:

  • Does he make constant eye contact and explain it in a genuine and normal way?
  • Is your behavior consistent with being in a relationship or is it more consistent with being a friend with benefits?
  • Does he show you signs that they are gradually becoming more serious? Or does it just freeze in one state and never move on from there?

6) He tells you that his past relationship went too fast, crashed, and was ruined

Another one of the main signs that he wants to take things slow is that he tells you about a past relationship that went too fast and everything was ruined.

The euphoria of passion can make people lose their minds and plunge into things that later turn out to be an epic disaster.

If he’s experienced that, it’s probably still on his mind, and in his heart, in a very real way. After all, there are wounds that take time to heal. 

If this is the case, here is an article that may interest you: “ How a man hurt by a woman acts”

So when he tells you about a past relationship that was a disaster, keep in mind that this could be a big sign as to why he still can’t get serious with you.

7) He is really interested in you, but also wants a lot of alone time

Another of the strongest signs that he wants to take it easy is that he needs a lot of alone time.

It may be difficult for you not to take it personally. But it’s important to have a little patience if you want to stand a chance of taking this to the next level.

A guy who wants to take it easy may need a lot of time with his friends or alone.

It’s just his way of being a man, and it’s not necessarily a bad thing.

It’s about being understanding and giving him his space. Here the key is that you also focus on your own times and activities. Enjoy your life and when you meet it will be more valuable for both of you. 

8) You can trust him and know that he is interested even if he holds back a bit

One of the biggest signs that he wants to take it easy but is actually interested in you is that he is there when you need him.

Even if he is still not comfortable being a serious partner, he is always there for you when you need him.

He is a reliable and caring man when you go through a difficult time.   Even if you only need one hand and his hero instinct from him is clearly triggered by you.

This is definitely a great sign.

9) Still wants the freedom to date other people

These days, people have all kinds of different values ​​and priorities in a relationship.

But unless you’re looking for an open relationship, chances are you expect him to at least be exclusive with you.

The problem is that you have to know what he wants too.

And if he still wants to go out with other people and doesn’t get serious with you, that’s a sign he wants to take things slow. 

However, this does not necessarily mean that he is a womanizer. 

But at least it means you should give him a little more time to figure out if you’re both looking for the same thing. 

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10) You don’t like to talk about how you feel very often

There is a stereotype that men don’t like to talk about their feelings.

I think that may be true in some situations and for various men.

However, if the guy you’re dating is particularly reluctant to open up about how he’s feeling, it may be a sign that he wants to take things slow.

If you don’t want to get too emotionally involved in the first month or two you’ve been seeing each other, don’t worry:

This is not necessarily how it will always be. Some men may take longer to connect.

11) He feels uncomfortable if you talk too much about being a couple

If you drop the word “Boyfriend”, a guy who wants to take it easy will feel uncomfortable and open his eyes like two fried eggs.

Don’t be too quick to post lots of photos of you as a couple, either.

Be careful, because pressing too hard here can cause everything to break.

All he really wants is to take it easy. He won’t be thrilled to put it out there for the whole world to know about yet.

How slow is too slow?

Ultimately, how slow is too slow depends on your own priorities and experiences.

Think, are things moving so slowly that you feel like he’s just using you? 

If you feel like it’s keeping you on a waiting list, then it’s time to move on. 

But if you have noticed several of the signs we mentioned above, then it may be an opportunity to see things from a new perspective. Maybe it’s worth giving it a second chance. 

In the end, it all comes down to understanding that each person is different. And I say this seriously and from my own experience. 

Be open to what is really going on and trust your gut. 

Hopefully, the above points will shed some light on the real reasons why this guy wants to go slow with you.

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