Why Is Inner Beauty More Important Than Outer Beauty?

Is inner beauty something ugly people tell themselves to make themselves feel better?

Discover the truth about inner beauty that will reveal another side.

Inner beauty is so inadequate if you consider a deeper observation.

What is inner beauty supposed to mean?

Is it a kind of beauty that’s inside?

So is this something we can never see, and only imagine?

Inner beauty is not just inner beauty.

When you think about the idea for a while, you will realize that inner beauty is the only beauty there is.

I’m not trying to say that outward appearances don’t matter.

All I’m saying is that inner beauty plays a much bigger role even at first glance than you might think.

What Is Inner Beauty?

By definition, inner beauty can be described as something experienced by a person’s character rather than appearances.

It is the true beauty of a person that goes far beyond physical appearances.

For most people, inner beauty is a joke.

People say that inner beauty is something people say to make themselves feel better.

Of course, that also makes a lot of sense.

I mean, if you can’t see it, who can really tell if it even exists?

The Truth About Inner Beauty and All Its Confusion

You might assume that inner beauty is something you can only feel and never see.

But how much is this true?

There is a lot of confusion between outer beauty and inner beauty, and in all this confusion, we neglect the real effort of inner beauty and give all credit to outer beauty.

You might assume that you never see the inner beauty at first sight.

But is this really true?

Most of the time, you only notice a person’s physical appearance for a moment, until true inner beauty starts the attraction game.

You can talk to someone for a minute and find them pleasant or unpleasant at first.

But as the conversation goes on for a minute or two, you may begin to pick out qualities and traits, and without even realizing it, you may begin to find a person increasingly beautiful or charming.

What Makes Attractive People So Attractive?

You might think it’s a chiseled face or a stunning physique that makes a person attractive.

But more than anything else, it is a person’s inner belief that he is attractive that makes him more attractive to other people.

It’s true that physical appearances can be a bonus, but it’s something that’s easily overlooked when other traits are brought up.

The glow of confidence comes from within you.

Some of the most imagined personalities like Oprah, Lady Gaga, or Tom Hanks aren’t really the most beautiful people.

But their self-confidence makes them attractive to all members of the opposite gender.

Even Shrek the ogre looks adorable and pleasant when you meet him, don’t you think?

First impressions don’t always depend on your body or your facial features, but you have to believe it inside.

And therein lies its true beauty.

Are You Beautiful Inside?

Inner beauty helps you appreciate outer beauty.

If you love, appreciate, and feel good about yourself, you would feel more confident in facing and interacting with other beautiful people in the world.

Remember, outer beauty can attract looks, it’s inner beauty that makes someone stay.

Is Beauty Really in the Eye of the Beholder?

Personally, I believe that beauty is not really in the eye of the beholder.

I think beauty is within us.

What others see when they look at us is a projection of what we want them to see.

When you fill your thoughts with positive energy and inner beauty, you also appreciate the things around you much more.

Even when you look at an inanimate object like a painting or even a view of the ocean, it seems more beautiful to you because you see the beauty that overflows within you and is reflected in everything around you.

If you feel beautiful, your own self-confidence brings a glow of beauty that no external beauty can compete with.

But if you feel ugly, your inner beauty will reflect the same idea and project it onto your outer beauty.

If you really feel beautiful inside, you would never look unpleasant to anyone.

Yes, it’s true that some people might want a perfect body in their partner or endless legs, but that’s just a preference.

Just as some girls see wealth as an important criterion when it comes to dating a guy, it’s all just a preference.

And you really need to understand that from within.

Inner Beauty Can Be Seen By All Others

And it is much more beautiful than the outer beauty.

So what if you’re several pounds overweight, short, or have hair problems?

Truly believe in yourself.

But if you don’t seem convinced that you’re really beautiful, start working on what you consider to be flaws in yourself.

Flaws are perceptive and they are faults only because you believe you are one.

A girl who wants to lose 10 pounds might think she’s fat, while another girl who wants to be size zero might think she’s fat.

In the eyes of a third girl, both of them can already be thin!

Beauty is just a perception that starts from within.

Just look at Nigella Lawson, she’s so pretty, alluring, and gorgeous, no one would notice she’s not exactly skinny!

Any guy would be willing to go out with her in no time.

If that’s not the power of inner beauty, insight, and self-confidence, then what is?!

The True Beauty That Everyone Sees

If inner beauty is the true beauty that everyone sees, why is it called inner beauty?

Shouldn’t it just be called outer beauty, because that’s what everyone notices?

Well, a better word would be just beauty, there is nothing inward or outward about it.

You are beautiful if you believe you are beautiful.

You are attractive if you feel attractive.

Everyone only sees you as a projection of what you see when you look in the mirror.

You are beautiful to feel beautiful.

So go outside, because there’s a whole world waiting for your beauty.

And if you still feel like there’s a flaw that sends beauty away from you, learns to overcome it.


At the end of the day, call it what you want, inner or outer beauty; there is only one type.

And it’s the kind of beauty you see when you look in the mirror.