Why some women are always rejected by men

There are basically three types of women: those who get men to rave about them and therefore are never single, those who are single by choice but have a line of men longing for an opportunity and, finally, the unlucky girls, who never get dates, and when they take the initiative they are rejected.

This situation is disconcerting, because it is not simply a question of having good or bad luck, and it probably does not have to do with a lack of physical attributes, rather it is a question of attitude or behaviors that make children lose interest.

It is common for women in relationships to make the decision to reject suitors when they do not meet their expectations, not the other way around.

If you feel identified with this situation, you want to solve this situation as soon as possible.

In this article, we present you with some practical, simple, and very useful tips so that you can eradicate rejection from your life in the field of love.

1. You got used to rejection

The human being is in theory an animal of habit, so if you have been rejected several times, probably thoughts go through your mind such as: “I better not try it anymore”, “It is always the same”, “He will reject me anyway »,« They don’t even look at me ».

As long as you think like this, you will not make any effort to improve your strategies to seduce men and you will surely have lower self-esteem, which is not at all attractive.

When you are afraid of rejection and you get used to it, the guys who observe you or who talk to you feel it in some way.

They know that you distrust your ability to get attention and that you feel bad about not being in a relationship.

That shows a kind of desperation that causes rejection to continue. Do not despair, demand more of yourself, meet people in places other than the ones you usually frequent, and work on your self-esteem before going out to conquer.

2. You don’t value yourself

As you got used to rejection, you also get used to the idea that you are not desirable or attractive to men. In this way, you have become unconsciously attached to the feeling of defeat and dissatisfaction with yourself.

It is essential to feel self-love so that others can notice and value who you really are. If you don’t love yourself, why would others?

Not having self-esteem keeps you behind other women who do love themselves and present themselves as they are to others. They do not regret, feel sorry for themselves, or die when a relationship fails because they know that someone else will come when they decide.

Stop seeking approval from others to be happy. The true acceptance that will lead you to happiness can only be given to you by yourself.

3. You have unrealistic expectations

The fact that you have had bad love experiences does not mean that they will always be repeated in your life.

You are what you think and you receive what you give. They are two phrases that may sound cliché, but they have a very important meaning. If you consider yourself defeated before trying a new relationship, you cannot expect anything other than failure.

Every time a negative thought appears in your mind, transform it into a positive one and you will perceive that your energies change completely. Instead of thinking “this is too good to be true,” think “why can’t it be?”

4. You have little confidence in yourself

Would you like to be with a man who does not believe in himself? Probably not.

Trust and love are qualities that walk hand in hand, both are clear signs of power and power is totally attractive.

No man likes being with an insecure woman, because she is unattractive and interesting. Insecurity often brings with it problems such as jealousy, an inferiority complex, and unhealthy competition with others. All these behaviors often bring problems in relationships.

If you want to conquer a boy, trust yourself first and the rest will follow.

5. You look in need of love

If you allow a man to believe that he is essential for you and that you need him to be able to live, in principle he will take advantage of you and then he will abandon you because you will look unattractive.

Feeling that someone depends too much on another is a responsibility that no one wants to experience.

A relationship cannot be built on the foundations of despair and fear of losing the partner that you demonstrate. Codependency is not healthy, you must first ensure that you have a life of your own, be happy with yourself in order to share, without needing, your partner.

6. You choose the wrong men

Knowing well who you are attracted to is vital to discover if they really are the ideal person to share as a couple.

If you discovered that the boy is in love with another, is married, a womanizer or does not have a life plan that matches yours, why do you insist on that relationship?

Engaging in the wrong person, even knowing that the relationship is not going to work, is self-sabotage. Insisting on a partner who has no future is one way to guarantee another failure in your life.

Don’t pursue toxic relationships.

There are too many goods, responsible, single men to insist on the ones who will always make you unhappy.

7. You don’t take care of your personal image

In a society accustomed to certain physical standards, you cannot afford to neglect your appearance.

Let the way you dress to express who you are and how you feel. Change your look, wear clothes with a style that suits the place and event you must attend.

Wear attractive clothing but in which you feel comfortable and remember that your underwear, even if no one else sees it, can enhance or spoil the outfit you choose.

Just imagine what would happen if you managed to flirt with a guy, they want to go into action, and your lingerie is stretched, worn, or old-fashioned. That’s not cool!

Or suppose that your bra is very small and also the blouse is low-cut, if you get to bend over you run the risk that your bust moves out of place and is exposed. It would be embarrassing!

In both situations, you give the image of being a careless woman.