Why stay in a relationship?

What if I want perfection?

Some time ago, I was asked why I stayed with my boyfriend when I could “find better”.
It is normal, suitable and even advised to point out to your dear friend who mourns his lost love that she deserves better, can find better, especially if the man cheated on her , plated by text, plated by text the day before their wedding to join his mistress, or other kind of celebration. Because the broken ego of your friend in front of the temporary humiliation which her ex-partner will have subjected her needs to be restored.

But me, if I am in a relationship with someone with whom I am good, in what would I need to find better?

What is better, exactly ? We all look for different things in the other and again, we can not choose our dear “soul mate” from the catalog. The faults of the other that we did not think we would accept but that ultimately appeal to us, isn’t that a good surprise?
We must not be with someone solely for their ego, we must love the person for what they are, and not only because they make us love ourselves. If Ryan Gosling suddenly wants to marry me (I wouldn’t say no), I think that before I love Ryan, I would love myself, for having been cool enough to crack a great female fantasy. And meanwhile, poor Ryan who must be something other than a pretty face and a good artist will feel very lonely.

Be careful, I don’t mean to sacrifice your ego for the other, on the contrary! Never, never, agree to be with someone who constantly belittles you , love or not, no one has to act that way. You just have to learn to love yourself in order to love someone properly.

” But many gain self-confidence thanks to their couple, ” you would say to me. This is absolutely not false and I understand this idea. In this case, I think that a girl who lacks a lot of self-confidence will be better with a boy who lacks self-confidence, the two can help each other by the love of the other!
Of course, self-confidence is already a very complicated subject, so self-confidence mixed with romantic relationships, imagine the complexity of the thing!