You know you are in love when

We always talk about the big caps of romantic relationships: 6 months3 years, etc. But here, it will be a question of these little everyday things that ultimately build the intimacy of a couple between happiness and collapse:

– When you give up on brushing your teeth before he wakes up

– When he agrees to brush his teeth more than once a day

– When you start to rebel from your diet

– When he allows himself to moan while watching the last season of True Blood

– When you entrust him with the purchase of your Tampax

– When he asks you to treat the ugly wart under his foot

– When you accidentally let out a burp in front of him

– When he accidentally lets out… something else

– When spending a night together without making love doesn’t frustrate you

– When spending a week without making love annoys you anyway

– When you appreciate the smell of its perfume on your own clothes

– When he gets to know which underwear you wear just by touch

– When you cry together in front of Titanic

– When you can’t sleep without him anymore

– When he takes you for a cuddly toy in his sleep

– When you know how to press where it hurts

– When he knows how to get you out of your hinges

– When you know exactly what to do to reconcile

– When this intimacy fills you

– When you realize that you wouldn’t want to experience this with anyone else